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Date:October 08, 2014


The objective of our financial analyses is to understand the value drivers of the business and to uncover the areas of improvement or underperformance. Our concepts and ideas are deeply rooted in value-based management. We believe that value creation should drive strategy and a deep understanding of the value drivers of any business (i.e. revenue growth, cost margins, working capital investment, capital expenditures, and risk) is essential for a well thought-out strategic plan. Additionally, an understanding of our clients’ business model often requires activity based costing and/or contribution margin analyses in order to clearly view the performance of each segment or business unit. Finally, a clear picture of the current and future uses of capital is imperative for a formulation of a growth strategy. Key questions addressed, include:

  • Where in the organization is the organization making/losing money?
  • How does the company’s performance compare with its peers?
  • Is the company creating economic value in excess of its cost of capital?
  • What is the lifetime value of a newly acquired customer?