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Diagnostic Scan

ur Diagnostic Scan allows us to assess the underlying health of your business and identify initiatives that can improve financial and operational performance. Our approach deep-dives into the four key elements of any business: finance, strategy, operations, and culture. Through a combination of various frameworks, benchmarking, and analytics, we pinpoint growth opportunities and improvement areas across all aspects of your organization. Within six to eight weeks, we ultimately deliver a comprehensive report that prioritizes recommended actions based on their potential to improve the value of your business.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel — good ideas should be adopted regardless of who initially developed them. Accel Associates researched and analyzed hundreds of frameworks and best practices designed and used by leading management consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, and academics alike. Based upon extensive real-world usage, we selected the best elements of each with a focus on enhancing its relevance and feasibility to smaller, typically family controlled businesses.


The objective of our financial analyses is to understand the value drivers of the business and to uncover the areas of improvement or underperformance. Our concepts and ideas are deeply rooted in value-based management. We believe that value creation should drive strategy and a deep understanding of the value drivers of any business (i.e. revenue growth, cost margins, working capital investment, capital expenditures, and risk) is essential for a well thought-out strategic plan. Additionally, an understanding of our clients’ business model often requires activity based costing and/or contribution margin analyses in order to clearly view the performance of each segment or business unit. Finally, a clear picture of the current and future uses of capital is imperative for a formulation of a growth strategy. Key questions addressed, include: Where in the organization is the organization making/losing money? How does the company’s performance compare with its peers? Is the company creating economic value in excess of its cost of capital? What is the lifetime value of a newly acquired customer?


Strategy is never formulated in a vacuum. Accel Associates’ Diagnostic Scan includes a number of analyses necessary to understand the competitive world around our clients. Our strategic landscape analysis focuses on three main areas: economic and market trends, industry positioning relative to other competitors, and customer analysis. Our access to carefully selected databases combined with our strategic frameworks allows us to uncover the areas of opportunities within an industry. As a result of our analysis, we are able to recommend strategies that best match the core competencies and competitive positioning of our clients. Key questions addressed, include: What are the most attractive sectors of the market? How much of the industry’s profit pool does the company have now? How do the customer satisfaction ratings track against the competition?


Our Diagnostic Scan analyzes key aspects of a business’ operations, including the simplicity of the operational activities, their fit with the company’s strategy, and the potential for operational improvements. Accel Associates believes that product offering and organizational complexity in the organization is one of the primary culprits of underperformance. We have seen how a reduction of complexity can have a significant impact on the company’s performance (e.g. a decrease in product options translates into reduced costs and sometimes increases in revenue). During our review we pay special attention to the fit and alignment that should exist between the operational activities of the company and the value proposition that a business strives to deliver to its clients. Key questions addressed, include: How efficiently does the company operate relative to its peerset? Does the company have the requisite systems in place to successfully scale?


Are you confused by the difficulty that your business faces in the execution of its strategy? Formulating the right strategy is a fraction of what is required to achieve operational excellence and generate economic value. An aligned and driven workforce as well as strong leadership is imperative to effectively execute any strategy. Our Diagnostic Scan conducts a series of targeted interviews and surveys in order to understand the potential barriers to strategy execution. We ultimately will pinpoint specific areas of concern including misalignment of management, poor communication, poorly designed compensation structures, lack of momentum, and employee turnover. Key questions addressed, include: Can the entire organization from the CEO down to the front-line employees articulate a consistent strategy? Has the leadership team identified clear priorities and assigned specific actions to achieve those objectives?