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Value Proposition

n operation since 2010, Accel Associates was founded by two McKinsey & Company management consultants who felt their skillsets could and should be broadly accessible to emerging and middle-market companies. We want to democratize fact-based analytics and insights to help diverse enterprises, not just the Fortune 500.

While nice to have, 80% of analyses performed by traditional strategy consulting firms add little incremental value. A scaled-down version generally would have led to the same recommendation in a faster, more accessible manner. Additionally, by efficiently leveraging current technologies to incorporate relevant databases and industry benchmarks, Accel Associates quickly delivers the same high quality at a fraction of the price. We aspire to become the go-to advisor for our clients across their most important issues and opportunities.

  • We believe in simple, plain English explanations and recommendations.
  • We immediately add value without supervision — we work with what you have available and independently initiate needed analyses and outputs.
  • We do the work that is necessary and only that work — we do not believe in “running the clock” with additional work that is unlikely to add value.
  • We are confident in our ability to generate extraordinary value, and are open to exploring creative structures that align our compensation to the impact of our work.
  • We work collaboratively to empower you to confidently make educated decisions. While we provide actionable recommendations, along with the necessary tools and resources to successfully execute, you maintain total control of the engagement.
  • We strive to deliver the right solution for you. Strategy is contextual and you will ultimately be the one having to own it going forward. We provide you what you need and then we move out of your way.